Pedo Alert!! California Letting Out Thousands Of Pedophiles From Jail Because Apparently They Present No Danger To Public

Unless of course your child gets attacked, which the percentages just increased dramatically

Not The Bee

(Not The Bee) We have a growing problem in our society and we see it as high up as the highest court in the land now.

Our society is growing more tolerant of and more lenient towards pedophiles and people who sexually abuse children.


Don’t believe me? Thinks it’s a conspiracy?

Please read this thread and pay attention to this story:




Alright, so that’s California. Apparently, that state, which is lenient towards pretty much all crime, isn’t taking child sexual abuse seriously.

But TWO DAYS in jail? Then let him right back out on “probation” to live a block from a school?

What kind of society are we?

This is happening with THOUSANDS of pedophiles.

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