Salvation Army Backtracks On White Racism Being ‘Systemic,’ Question Is Were Donations Drying Up?

Credit: WND


Just as the famous red kettles of the Salvation Army are appearing nationwide for the international charitable organization’s major fundraising effort, the organization abruptly has withdrawn a controversial “guidance” that warned white Americans racism is “systemic” and Christians would “evaluate” their racist practices.

Fox Business reported over the weekend that the guidance apparently was intended to ask “white Americans” to “stop trying to be ‘colorblind'”

The “Let’s Talk About Racism” agenda appeared in April and was from the Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission to provide “internal dialogue” on the issue of racism among members of the Salvation Army.

“While many Salvationists have acted firmly and courageously against racism, The Salvation Army acknowledges with regret, that Salvationists have sometimes shared in the sins of racism and conformed to economic, organizational and social pressures that perpetuate racism,” the guide states.


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