Surging Crime: Democrats In New York City’s Trendiest Neighborhoods Getting What They Deserve With Liberal Bail Reform Laws

New York Democrats need to look into the mirror before complaining about an increase in crime



They’re the Villages of the Damned.

Major crimes are surging in both the East and West villages, turning Manhattan’s once iconic arts and culture hubs into cesspools of rampant property thieves.

The Sixth Precinct, which patrols the West Village, saw an 84 percent spike in major crime rates when compared to 2021’s year-to-date numbers — the highest increase among Manhattan’s 22 precincts and nearly two times the citywide jump of 44 percent — NYPD data shows. The Ninth Precinct, which serves the East Village, the Bowery and NoHo, is also seeing an uptick in property thefts and violent attacks with the total major crime rate jumping 54 percent so far this year compared to the same time period in 2021, police data shows.

In Greenwich Village:

  • Grand larcenies more than doubled from 147 to 308
  • Burglaries surged from 59 to 100, or 70 percent
  • Robberies rocketed from 47 to 69, or 47 percent
  • Vehicle thefts increased from 3 to 12
  • Felony assaults ticked up from 32 to 41

Residents and business owners there are fed up with the abundance of shoplifters that include vagrants, small-time fencers and even families.

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