Trump Draws Massive Crowd To Florida Rally, Slams Mainstream Media, Witch Hunts And ‘Racist’ Critical Race Theory

Credit: The Post Millennial


At the Save America rally in Sarasota, Florida, on Saturday, former President Donald Trump slammed the mainstream media’s disinformation campaign and the left-wing establishment’s witch hunts against the Trump name.

Trump opened with talk of “free and fair elections” then pivoted to lambast the new White House under President Joe Biden. “In just five months, the Biden administration has launched an all-out assault on everything we cherish and value,” Trump said. “Under Joe Biden and the left—I don’t know if it’s Joe to be honest with you. It’s somebody! Does anybody know who it is?”

Trump fired at critical race theory. “It’s pure plain racism. It has no place in our schools, in our military, or in our country,” Trump asserted. “In place of old-fashioned love of America, the Biden administration has new rules pushing hateful Marxist critical race theory into our children’s schools and into our military. The poisonous left-wing doctrine is flagrant racism. It’s plain and simple.”

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