Underground Abortion Pill Network Helping Women Kill Their Unborn Babies

A Mexican feminist organization was one of the suppliers identified in a Washington Post article providing the illegal drugs to women.

(LifeSiteNews) The recent death of an unborn baby has brought to light a new breed of abortionist.

An October 18 article in The Washington Post details the tragic death of an unborn 13-week-old baby made possible by an underground and illegal network of abortion pill providers.



In July, an abortion-minded pregnant woman turned to Reddit for advice, since she lived in a state that had banned abortion after the Dobbs decision. Soon after posting on the forum, she received a message from an anonymous sender telling her that abortion pills could be mailed to her for free.

According to the Post, Monica, as the newspaper called her, was not entirely against having children, but she and her boyfriend did not feel ready to be parents yet.

“Without the money or time to get an abortion out of state, Monica had tried to give herself a miscarriage,” the article reads. “First with mugwort tea, an herbal remedy she read about online, then with a heavy night of drinking. When none of that worked, she turned to Reddit.”

Monica said she felt taking the stranger’s abortion pill through the mail was her “only option.” After taking the second pill, the abortion was complete. As she lay in her bath, Monica expelled her perfectly formed child into the water.

“The fetus [baby] was floating in the water,” the article continues. “Slightly smaller than her palm, the fetus [baby] had a head, hands, and legs, she said. Defined fingers and toes.”

The young couple acknowledged that the “passed fetus” was really a baby by burying his body in a cardboard box beneath a tree. Nevertheless, they were fully convinced that they had “made the right choice.”

As it turns out, the anonymous Reddit user who provided Monica with the abortion pills was part of a much larger system of illegal activity, described by the Post as “the rise of a covert, international network delivering tens of thousands of abortion pills in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling in June that struck down Roe v. Wade.”

Since the historic ruling, women have been secretly receiving the pills through a system of local distributors. The network is advertised through social media and word of mouth and sends free abortions “without the safeguards of medical oversight.”

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