Biased Hate: Twitter Fails To Ban Accounts That Sent Death Threats To Libs Of TikTok Because, Well……They Aren’t Conservatives!!

Elon Musk tweets asking Twitter ‘why’ accounts haven’t been removed

Not The Bee


Being a conservative commentator these days is a legitimately risky business, and Libs of TikTok knows it more than most:

Here are a few of the threats if you would like some examples – I’ll only include the Twitter embed without closeups of the photos who don’t want to see the language and graphic photos.


That’s deeply concerning. You have to wonder why on earth the company hasn’t removed the psychopathic accounts posting violent threats of harm against an innocent woman.

It’s almost as if the company doesn’t take it’s policy seriously and uses it to exclusively silence its ideological foes who say men are men and that groomers should be in jail, like our very own Adam Ford.

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