Dangerous Wokeness? CVS Trains Employees To “Understand Their Privilege’ And Hire Based On ‘Diversity’

No longer is the best qualified guaranteed a promotion or job

Credit: Fox Business


A recording from within the confines of CVS Health corporation shows CVS employees receiving “woke training” pressing them to make “a personal commitment plan” to “mitigate bias.”

“Understanding your privileges and how to leverage them so we can support others is a key component in being an active ally,” CVS employees were told on an online call obtained by Fox Business.

“Allyship is the act of advocating for as well as supporting communities other than your own,” the instructor added. “So being an ally means that we’re aware of our own identities as well as the intersectional identities of others. We’re recognizing and actively mitigating bias, and we’re modeling inclusive leadership behaviors.”

At another point in the recording, employees were told to fill out a “personal commitment plan” outlining ways they pledge to “take specific action” to “mitigate bias” and “practice conscious inclusion” in the next five days, five weeks and five months.

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