Howard Stern Tells Anti-Vaxxers To Go F**k Yourself, Calls Them S***heads’ Who Should ‘Die’ At Home While Attacking Joe Rogan Over His Covid-19 Treatment

Stern spews hate along with misinformation on the vaccines

(L) Howard Stern. © AFP / Michael Loccisano; (R) Joe Rogan. © Getty Images / Rob Kim


Radio legend Howard Stern has become the latest critic of podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan over his shared Covid treatment, which included ivermectin, a medicine Stern and others have controversially described as ‘horse dewormer’.

SiriusXM host Stern’s patience with unvaccinated Americans appears to be ‘wearing thin’ in similar fashion to President Joe Biden, who expressed his own outrage earlier this week when putting forth his highly criticized vaccine mandate for most government employees, as well as private companies with more than 100 employees.

Describing Covid-19 vaccines as the “cure” to the virus – despite none providing full immunity – Stern targeted “all the s**theads in our country who won’t get vaccinated.” He then turned his attention to Rogan.

“I heard Joe Rogan was saying, ‘what are you busting my balls?’ He says, ‘I took horse dewormer and a doctor gave it to me.’ Well a doctor would also give you a vaccine, so why take horse dewormer?” Stern said.

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