Leaked CNN Email Shows Network Executive Believes Capital Punishment Should Replace Vaccine Incentives

CNN executive called it the ‘carrot vs. stick’ approach

Credit: REUTERS/Brian Snyder


A CNN executive has hinted that there need to be more forceful measures to increase Covid vaccine uptake in the US, after grumbling about the issue in an email that he mistakenly sent to a conservative activist.

The peculiar message was revealed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who showed a screengrab of the email in question.

“FW: #NEWS: A majority of unvaccinated Americans say they’re unlikely to get the Covd-19 vaccine, regardless of outreach efforts,” read the email’s subject line.

The author of the email, identified by Carlson as CNN’s Washington bureau chief, wrote to a colleague: “This is the point re: carrot vs. stick. The carrot is no longer going to work…”

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