Regal Movie Theatre Manager In Seattle Celebrates Police Officers Death, ‘One Down Many More To Go!’

Just another reason why Seattle has a hard time finding new police officers as crime surges out of control

Credit: The Post Millennial


When an Everett police officer was shot and killed in action while responding to an incident near Everett Community College, Washington, a Regal movie theatre manager named Nick Charles Tveit, of Shoreline, near Seattle, celebrated the tragedy on Twitter, stating that the loss of the cop in the line of duty was a step in the right direction. “One down,” Tveit reacted to the news, “many more to go!”

When asked by KTTH Radio talk show host Jason Rantz if he really wanted to celebrate the shooting death of an officer, Tveit doubled down on his assertion.
“Cleaning the streets,” Tveit replied to Rantz in a Twitter exchange Friday.

Tveit’s own Twitter account, @ntveit98, has since been deleted.

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