Ultimate Karma: 66 Yr. Old Fully-Vaccinated Gay Man Who Supports Children Watching Adult Drag Queen Acts And Called The Non-Vaxxed ‘Political Assholes,’ Will Live Rest Of Life With POTS As A Result Of Getting Vaccinated

C.J. Hatter of Venice, Florida said he had no sympathy for anyone ‘non-vaccinated’ who died

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(The COVID Blog) A 66-year-old Florida man will live the rest of his life with sporadic, non-specific medical episodes due to the injections. His case also provides a real name for the medical fallacy known as “long COVID.”

This article is prefaced with the disclaimer that The COVID Blog® does not go out of its way to locate and write about LGBTV (for vaccine) religious zealots. The fact is that 96% of U.S. LGBTV adherents have received at least three injections, and are typically flamboyant, virtue signaling, exhibitionist types. LGBTV organizations actually encouraged this behavior from the very start of the so-called pandemic.


This group has a lot of very public by choice “vaccine” adverse reactions; and they provide the best case studies for documenting all aspects of the vaccine genocide.

That all said, Mr. C.J. Hatter is a semi-retired clerk at a Publix supermarket in Venice, Florida, according to his Facebook page. Said page is quite disturbing. The 66-year-old frequently promotes those clown shows with men in dresses and exaggerated makeup reading books to children.

Like nearly all liberals and homosexuals, he loves everything Ukraine, for whatever reason.


At least one-quarter of his Facebook posts from 2022 have something to do with degeneracy.

The degeneracy is/was consistent from the start of his Facebook page. But the COVID cult zealotry commenced after the injections. Mr. Hatter mentioned twice that he had “coronavirus” in 2020. He also had preexisting herpes zoster (shingles).

Researchers concluded as far back as 1986 that shingles is often a precursor to AIDS in homosexual males. But most Americans did zero research before accepting these shots that exacerbate virtually all preexisting conditions.

“I thought I was impervious”

Mr. Hatter received a Johnson & Johnson viral vector DNA injection on March 22, 2021.

The hardcore vaxx zealotry started that summer. He repeated the liberal “my body, my choice only applies to abortion” trope on August 3, 2021.

Mr. Hatter said he had no sympathy for non-vaccinated people who die for whatever reason.

Mr. Hatter called the non-vaccinated “political assholes” for receiving MMR vaccines as children, but refuse to accept experimental gene therapies today.

He called receiving vaccines and wearing masks “patriotic” the next day.

Mr. Hatter received a Moderna mRNA booster shot on November 3. His health took a turn for the worse in January, when he reported headaches and body aches.

The next day, he called non-vaccinated Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic an “ignorant asshole.”

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