University Of Chicago Violated Law By Forcing Students Who Seek Vaccine Exemptions To Sign Statement Full Of Lies

The lies include the statement that vaccines reduce the risk of virus spread and that they are both ‘safe and effective’



Nonprofit advocacy group Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) is pursuing legal action against the University of Chicago for its COVID jab mandate as well as its religious exemption form that requires applicants to agree to a list of controversial “facts” about COVID-19 and the experimental shots mandated to treat it. 

HFDF president and founder Leslie Manookian, a former Wall Street executive and analyst who created a powerful documentary in 2011 examining the risks of vaccines and whose organization has led numerous lawsuits over the past year and a half challenging overreaching vaccine and mask mandates, said the framing of the religious exemption document amounts to “compelled speech.”  


In an exclusive interview on Friday, Manookian told LifeSiteNews the University of Chicago violated Illinois law and its own university principles by mandating COVID-19 shots for all students, staff, and faculty, and forcing anyone applying for a religious exemption to first agree to a series of debatable assertions about the coronavirus and the abortion-tainted jabs on the market to treat it. 

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