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Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz Furious At Elon Musk Tweet, Proves Once Again She Can Dish It Out But Can’t Take It

Lorenz could very well use another dose of her own medicine

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The notoriously fact-checked Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz took to Twitter earlier this week to voice her upset about Elon Musk questioning why death threats against the Libs of TikTok account remained on the social media giant’s platform.

On Monday, Libs of TikTok received an onslaught of harassment and death threats after a Media Matters employee coordinated a campaign to have the account removed from Twitter, claiming “Libs of TikTok is going to get someone killed,” for reposting content from Left-wing activists.



After receiving numerous death threats, Libs of TikTok posted about Twitter’s failure to remove the accounts threatening her. Elon Musk responded later that day, asking Twitter why they have failed to take action.
Lorenz retweeted the response from Musk questioning Twitter, adding “Of course,” and “LGBTQ activists have called out Libs of TikTok escalating attacks on the community in recent weeks.”

Underpinning Lorenz’s response is a close affiliation and relationship with the Media Matters employee, Ari Drennen, who targeted Libs of TikTok earlier this week.
Chaya Raichik, the Jewish woman who runs Libs of TikTok, has been targeted by Lorenz for some time now, including an insinuation by Lorenz that Raichik is operating the Libs of TikTok account as a ‘foreign actor.‘ This trope is a common line of attack against many Jewish Americans, insinuating they have alliances to a foreign nation, and is often seen as anti-semitic.
Most infamously, Lorenz made a report on Libs of TikTok in The Washington Post, exposing Raichik’s previously anonymous identity, doxxing her, and harassing Raichik and her family at their home.

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