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A Curriculum Of Hate: New Report Concludes That The University of Florida College of Medicine Pushes Woke, Dangerous Gender Ideology On Its Students

The report comes days after a federal court struck down a Florida law that counters woke curricula

Fox News

(Fox News) The University of Florida College of Medicine incorporates aspects of critical race theory into its admissions and educational programs, according to a new report obtained exclusively by Fox News Digital.

The report from Do No Harm, a group of medical workers against divisive racial policies in medicine, explains that the college uses “equity” initiatives to train a new generation of “antiracists” in medical fields — two terms at the core of critical race theory. Those initiatives include active recruitment of “underrepresented groups,” suggested readings on diversity and equity for aspiring student and a code of ethics that explains how to address implicit bias.


The College of Medicine is “indoctrinating its medical school graduates in divisive philosophies and other forms of social justice activism. The conditioning begins from the moment a prospective student begins exploring UFCOM, continues through the admissions process, and persists throughout the doctoral program.”

The University of Florida College of Medicine was singled out in a new report on how the school has adopted woke policies.
The University of Florida College of Medicine was singled out in a new report on how the school has adopted woke policies. (iStock)

“New students encounter the diversity, equity, and inclusion doctrine early and often in the many interactions they have with the numerous health equity offices and diversity councils across campus,” said the report, written by Laura Morgan, MSN, RN. “The University of Florida invests abundant resources in these programs and retains administrators and faculty members who are paid to push these destructive ideas.”

The webpage for the admissions office displays a photo of masked students kneeling, holding up a fist, and displaying a poster that reads, “#WHITECOATSFORBLACKLIVES,” the report says.

“We strive for an admissions culture that is reflective, informed and inclusive, dedicated to building a diverse community of future physicians who share a commitment to excellence and equity in healthcare,” the UFCOM admissions page states.

This “Black Lives Matter” declaration on the webpage links to “Resources for Combating Systemic Racism,” which includes a reading titled, “Guidelines for Being a Strong White Ally.”

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