A Win For Free Speech: Journalist Alex Berenson Settles Lawsuit With Twitter Over Being Banned For Covid Vaccine Tweet, Is Reinstated A Year After Refusing To Buckle

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(PJ Media) Nearly one year after journalist and writer Alex Berenson was kicked off Twitter for being a sometimes COVID-19 contrarian, his account has been restored. He had to sue the tech platform to be reinstated.

Berenson announced a settlement with Twitter on Wednesday on his Substack page, “Unreported Truths.”
Here’s the tweet that got him “permanently suspended.”


Berenson is the former New York Times reporter whose specialty was reporting on pharmaceutical companies, dangerous drugs, health care, and government oversight. After leaving The Times, Berenson wrote novels and pamphlets. When COVID-19 burst onto the scene, Berenson began looking closely at government claims and wrote books and pamphlets about the disease.

When Dr. Fauci and his minions at the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control began a program of lockdowns, face mask mandates, and forced vaccinations, it was Berenson’s criticism of the COVID “vaccines” that got him in the most trouble with the Twitter and government speech police.

Mask scolds, government and Twitter censors, people with “Thank You, Dr. Fauci!” signs on their front lawns, and those who lit St. Fauci prayer candles in their new religious rite poured hate on Berenson. Things came to a nadir when the journalist questioned the efficacy and government claims about the so-called COVID “vaccines.” Reading the government’s own literature, Berenson wrote of the COVID shots:


His claim was labeled by Twitter censors as “misleading.”

Berenson took great umbrage. He accused Twitter of defaming him with its “misleading” label.



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