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Anti-Parent Agenda: National Education Assoc. (NEA) Votes To Create ‘Enemies List,’ Require Mandatory Masking And To Reject The Words ‘Mother’ And ‘Father’

The NEA teachers union is doing everything possible to take control of children’s lives without parent involvement including grooming them into the LGBTQ cult

Photo by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for March For Our Lives

(DailyWire) The National Education Association’s (NEA) annual conference is underway, and the teachers union is voting on calling for a national policy of mandatory masking, creating an enemies list, and rejecting the words “mother” and “father.”

The Chicago conference is chock-full of woke agenda items and progressive language involving issues that would seem to have little to do with the proper education of the nation’s children. The unabashedly leftist organization doesn’t even seem to recognize its own heterosexual male membership, at least according to one measure in circulation.


“NEA is a social justice union that is a majority female and trans and gender non-confirming folx,” one New Business Initiative (NBI) says, calling to “publicly stand in defense of abortion” and calling abortion limits an attack on “students, families, and communities.”

Another calls for “a national policy of mandatory masking and COVID vaccines in schools, as well as high-quality virtual education for immuno-compromised students and all families who want it.”

A third says the NEA will publicize its commitment to “young people’s right to learn about and develop their own sexual orientation and gender identity.”

A fourth promotes language that is “LGBTQIA+ inclusive,” including using “birthing parent” and “non-birthing parent” instead of mother and father.

One initiative calls for spending $140,000 on opposition research about the “largest 25 organizations that are actively working to diminish a students’ [sic] right to honesty in education, freedom of sexual identify [sic], and teacher autonomy.”

NBIs are proposals that must be voted on by delegates in order to pass. NEA has previously been radical in what it passes. In 2019, it voted down a motion to “rededicate itself to the pursuit of increased student learning.” It voted in favor, meanwhile, of “discussions around support for reparations” and incorporating “the concept of ‘White Fragility’ into NEA trainings.”

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