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Antifa Thug Who Celebrated Death Of Police And Threatened Violence Against Journalist Andy Ngo, Works As A Mentor To Children

Credit: The Post Millennial
From…The man behind a months-long campaign to bring violence to journalist Andy Ngo at his home is a 38-year-old Portland Antifa member named Jonathan D. Chase, The Post Millennialcan report. Chase works as a mentor for autistic youth and has been featured in a TED Talk.

On Monday, Chase, who works at the “Synergy Autism Center” in Oregon and is a private one-on-one mentor for austitic youth, used his Twitter account “@Jonathan_C_PDX” to target Ngo.

“Andy doxxes us every day, why the fuck isn’t Andy’s address all over Twitter? Why isn’t there a DA [direct action] at his house every f—ing night?” Chase wrote on Twitter where his profile is filled with antifa symbols and propaganda.

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