Apple Allegedly Compromising Users iCloud Accounts By Handing Over Encryption Keys To Communist China

Apple is accused of contradicting its stance of privacy



Apple has been caving to Beijing’s demands, to the extent of compromising the security of its users’ data, according to a report on The New York Times. The report contradicts the Big Tech company’s commitment to security and privacy.

Perhaps Apple’s largest compromise, per the report, surrounds a new datacenter that the company is building in Guiyang, China. The report claims the datacenter, to be completed next month, will store Apple’s servers containing the information of its Chinese users.

That the datacenter is in China is already a problem, as it would be vulnerable to intrusion by the authoritarian government. Worse is the fact that Apple’s users’ data in China is partly controlled by a third-party firm controlled by the Chinese government, and physical control and operation of the datacenter will be done by Chinese government workers.

Additionally, while the data will be encrypted, the keys to unlock the servers will also be stored in China.

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