Biden Makes Another Gaffe, Says ‘These 12 People’ Are Responsible For Most COVID Misinformation’ But Forgets To Name Them

Biden’s mental health continues to deteriorate

Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images


President Joe Biden has been roundly criticized for his endless stream of gaffes and so-called “senior moments.” But the president hit a new pinnacle this week when he said 12 people are responsible for COVID-19 misinformation — then never named the Dirty Dozen.

Biden on Monday once again took aim at Facebook over COVID-19 vaccine information that appears on the social media platform but backed away from his earlier contention that Facebook is “killing people” — although he said, “I meant precisely what I said.”

“Facebook isn’t killing people — these 12 people are out there giving misinformation. Anyone listening to it is getting hurt by it. It’s killing people. It’s bad information,” Biden said, appearing to cite data from the nonprofit Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). The Center reported in March that “about a dozen people were super-spreaders of anti-vaccine misinformation,” CNN reported.

“My hope is that Facebook, instead of taking it personally, that somehow I’m saying Facebook is killing people, that they would do something about the misinformation, the outrageous misinformation about the vaccine. That’s what I meant,” Biden told reporters after delivering a speech at the White House on the economy.

But Biden never identified “these 12 people.”

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