Biological Sex Denier: Transgender Biological Male Who Scored Lucrative Tampon Endorsement Deal Scolds Women For “Policing Gender Roles

Jeffrey Marsh sole interest appears to be in pushing LGBTQ ideology


(Reduxx)  A controversial male social media influencer is sparking backlash after an Instagram video he made scolding women began to circulate on social media. In the video, Jeffery Marsh, who identifies as non-binary, addressed a past sponsorship he had been offered to promote tampons and other feminine hygiene products.

Last month, Marsh posted a video to his Instagram page speaking to “the ladies of Twitter, especially” over “hate” he received for a tampon ad campaign he took part in. After being uploaded to other social media platforms, the video began to spark backlash, amassing hundreds of critical comments from women concerned about female erasure.


In the video, Marsh addresses the “hate” he received for a paid campaign he took part in with feminine hygiene product brand This is L. The partnership had actually taken place in 2020, but had recently begun receiving new attention after images from the photoshoot with Marsh were shared on Twitter once again.

As new comments began to pile under his campaign photos, Marsh filmed a video addressing his reasons for taking part in a tampon promotion.

“I made the video for 2 reasons. So that women would feel less stigmatized, so that people who menstruate would feel less stigmatized,” Marsh said, noting that menstruation is often seen as “gross, disgusting, a joke” by “cis” men.

Calling himself a “non-binary person who does not menstruate,” Marsh claimed his intentions behind taking the paid gig were to help end the stigma associated with periods. He continued: “And then the hate came for me,” and scolded the women who took issue with his participation in the tampon promotion, claiming that they were “policing” gender by criticizing him.

“We should be working together. The more you police your gender role the more you are policing the idea that one gender role is the best. I will keep fighting for your rights even if you hate me to my core because women are not second class citizens.”



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Marsh’s claimed reasons for his participation in the ad campaign fell flat on social media, with many pointing out that Marsh frequently uses the term “TERF” when addressing women who vocally support the basic rights and safeguarding of women and children. TERF – an acronym standing for “trans exclusionary radical feminist” – is often used in a derogatory fashion and coupled with threats and abuse.

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