Career Criminal: Alleged Attacker In Waukesha Parade Event Is Convicted Pedophile And Self-Described ‘Black Terrorist’

Darrell E. Brooks also preached violence against white people

Credit: National Justice


Last night, a red Ford SUV plowed through a group of overwhelmingly white people at a Christmas parade in the town of Waukesha, which is west of Milwaukee.

Media reports have confirmed the identity of the alleged driver, Darrell E. Brooks, a registered sex offender who admitted in a video that he pimps children. The career criminal was released back into the streets on a paltry $1000 bond despite being charged with bail-jumping and facing a plethora of violent felonies and misdemeanors just over two weeks ago, according to Wisconsin Court Records.


Many immediately speculated that Brooks’ actions had a racial motive and could constitute an act of Black Lives Matter inspired terrorism. So far, officials have refused to comment on this matter. There are five deaths and 40 injuries being officially reported, with many of the victims being children.

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