Communist Sympathizers? Biden Administration Covers For China, Cuts Off Taiwan Ministers Feed As Map Appears On Screen

The map showed Taiwan in a different color than that of China at the ‘Summit For Democracy’

SAM YEH/AFP via Getty Images


A State Department source told Breitbart News on Monday that the Biden National Security Council (NSC) directed the State Department to cut the live video feed of a Taiwanese minister after she featured a map of Taiwan in a different color than China, indicating they were separate countries, during the Biden administration’s “Summit for Democracy” last week.

“The NSC called and asked for it to be taken down,” the source told Breitbart News on Monday.

The source’s account echoed what Reuters first reported Monday and contradicted what Biden administration officials say happened.

Reuters reported on Monday that during the summit, sources said the feed of Taiwanese Minister  was cut during a panel discussion and replaced with audio only “at the behest of the White House.” According to Reuters:


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