Democrats Little Secret: Dirty Mining Needed To Manufacture Batteries, Solar Panels

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As climate alarmists continue to invoke the panacea of so-called renewable energies as an answer for what they call the “climate crisis,” the rush to create those energies is proving to be a quandary for environmentalists. While green crusaders laud the use of wind turbines and solar panels and large-scale batteries as an antidote to the much-maligned fossil fuels, the minerals and materials needed to create these magic cures require that environmentalists team up with an old enemy — the mining industry.

In Australia, as well as other countries, mining operations attempting to meet the stated need for minerals for renewable-energy solutions are causing other environmental problems such as toxic run-off into water sources and the destruction of wilderness areas.


“It’s absolutely ironic, but to save the planet we are going to need more mines,” says Allison Britt of Geoscience Australia, a government agency that catalogs the nation’s mineral resources and oversees the Australian mining industry.

The “need” to create more renewable energy often runs counter to the stated goals of the green energy mob, as mining tends to be a filthy and environmentally delicate business.

“Everything is now an emergency,” said Saul Griffith, of the climate activist group Re-wiring America.

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