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Election Steal 2.0: Pennsylvania State Democrat Officials Sent Out 255,000 ‘Unverified’ Ballots For Upcoming Election

Gateway Pundit

(Gateway Pundit) Pennsylvania Democrat officials sent out 240,000 255,000 ballots to people they could not verify either by their Social Security or Driver’s License numbers.

The ballots should NEVER have been sent out to these voters.


Fifteen Republican State Representatives sent a letter to Acting Secretary of the Commonwealth Leigh Chapman after they discovered that over 240,000 illicit ballots were sent out in the state prior to the 2022 midterm elections.

Deputy Secretary Jonathan Marks testified in September before the Pennsylvania House that counties are responsible to verify the voter ID when a completed ballot arrive to the county. The counties argued that this was nonsense. The ID must be verified before a ballot is even sent out.

According to Pennsylvania law, these ballots must now be set aside. They can’t be counted in the November 8th election until the voter produces an identification.

You can bet that very few of these counties will set these ballots aside. This is how Democrats cheat.

These ballots must be set aside before election day.

This report was released on Wednesday by Verity Vote, an election integrity investigative organization.

You can review and download a copy of the report here.

From the report — At least 243,000 unverified votes were sent out in Pennsylvania — NEARLY A QUARTER OF A MILLION ILLEGAL BALLOTS!


And look at how Pennsylvania compares to other states of comparable size.

Pennsylvania had nearly ONE MILLION HAVV verifications!

A HAVV verification is when a ballot is sent to the Social Security Administration to verify the accuracy of the name, date of birth, and last four digits of SSN submitted and sends an indication of whether our records show the individual as deceased.

Look at the numbers sent to the HAVV for verification compared to other states…

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