‘F**K Joe Biden’ Goes Global As Protesters Chant Outside US Embassy In Rome

Credit: Twitter


Although the trend of an expletive-powered chant denouncing our current president has gotten its own cleaned-up version in the form of “Let’s go Brandon,” the cruder version is still around, and has gone international, it seems.

While angry, obscene protests against a sitting U.S. president are nothing new, where they’re popping up is rather remarkable in this case: Not at Portland, Oregon, antifa riots, but heartland-America college football games where some students were likely pleased to have a “clean” version of the angry refrain.


In case you have somehow missed it, over the last few weeks, the chant “F*** Joe Biden” has become common with college football crowds who have gathered recklessly unmasked and in close social quarters to enjoy life as it once was — and surely by now ought to be once again.

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