Former Trump Officials Demand China Pay For COVID ‘Abuses’, Propose Ban On Research Funding And Release Of Military Lab Data


Former State Department officials who investigated China’s role in the spread of COVID-19 are demanding that Washington take urgent steps to hold Beijing accountable, with sanctions, a ban on research funding and backing for individuals to launch lawsuits for damages.

They say it is only way to protect the world from another pandemic.

‘We cannot afford further impunity by Beijing and passivity from Washington as we enter what may be a century of synthetic biological adventurism and potential biowarfare,’ write the former officials, who all worked at the State Department.

David Asher, who led a task force looking into the origins of COVID-19 in the final months of the Trump presidency, Thomas DiNanno, who worked with Asher at the Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, David Feith, who was also on the investigation team, Miles Yu, then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s chief China adviser, and Matthew Zweig, a sanctions expert, make their recommendations in a paper published by the Hudson institute.

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