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Government Promoting Fear As 20 Studies Show Vaccine Mandates Not Based On ‘Science’

If you think vaccine mandates are about your health…..think again


The following research papers and studies expose how Covid vaccine mandates are not backed by science and good public-health practice.

They demonstrate that these mandates provide no overall health benefit to the community and can even be harmful.

Instead, the decision to accept the vaccine should be made by individuals according to their own assessment of risks in consultation with informed medical professionals.

More than one-third of physicians and clinicians disagree with Covid vaccine mandates, including the Federal government’s Covid vaccine policy for employers, according to a recent survey conducted by Adaptive Medical Partners (AMP), a national healthcare recruiting firm based in Irving, Texas.

Recently, in a powerful speech against vaccine mandates European Union parliament member Christine Anderson said, “I will not be reduced to a mere guinea pig vaccinated with an experimental drug.”


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