Head Of Teachers Union Resorts To Flat Out Lie In Order To Discredit Investigative Reporter Who’s Outing Her Radical School Agenda

American Federation of Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten lied in trying to discredit journalist Christopher Rufo


Chris Rufo is a writer, researcher and filmmaker. He is currently a contributing editor at The City Journal where he covers critical race theory, homelessness, addiction crime and otehr afflictions.

Chris is an outstanding investigative reporter and exposed and crushed critical race theory indoctrination programs in our schools and in the workplace. Chris also helped expose the filth being taught and shared in classrooms today. Because of this he is of course hated by the left. In fact, Chris Rufo is so hated by the left that they are fabricating Chris Rufo quotes.

Far-left American Federation of Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten on Saturday made up a completely bogus Chris Rufo quote and posted it on Twitter.

But Chris Rufo did not sit back and take it. Chris responded to Weingarten with a choice, either take down the tweet or he will “wage a legal war” against her!

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