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Highland Park Shooter Bobby Crimo Had Ties To Antifa, Socialists, Progressives And Far-Left Groups Despite The Mainstream Media Lies Of Claiming He’s ‘Right Wing’

Gateway Pundit

(Gateway Pundit) On Monday, the 4th of July, Bobby Crimo, shot and killed 6 people in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park and injured many others.  The media was quick to label him right-wing despite evidence to the contrary.

Almost immediately, there were reports that the shooter Bobby Crimo was right-wing.  This video is from a local news channel in Chicago where Crimo was connected to “a far-right overseas group”.


The Daily Mail labeled Crimo a “Trump-supporting youngster” based on pictures shared on the Internet.  However, based on his overall profile, it’s clear Crimo was aligned with progressives, socialists and Antifa.


On Tuesday TGP reported on the many ties between Crimo and socialists, progressives, Antifa and the Occult.  This was what the media didn’t share.



Law enforcement had visited Crimo and yet when the media reported on Trump ties they remained silent.  They knew more about Crimo than was initially reported.



A copy of Crimo’s Twitter account was saved before being taken down and it clearly shows Crimo’s far-left leanings.  He’s pushing far-left publications and far-left politicians like Obama.  He’s not far-right – at all.




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