Intentions Revealed: Florida City Cancels ‘PrideFest’ Over New Law Protecting Kids, Organizers Basically Admit Drag Show Cant Go On Without Sexually Explicit Acts

Putting on a clean show without exposing children isn’t in the cards

Not The Bee

(Not The Bee) Port St. Lucie, Florida has announced that its regional “pride parade” has to be canceled because Florida has passed a law protecting kids from seeing sexual performances from drag queens.

Basically, they are admitting that they cannot put on a pride parade WITHOUT exposing kids to all sorts of sexual deviancy, so it’s easier to just cancel it altogether rather than change the parade.

This is an absolute win for Florida.



The rainbow flag brigade is saying here, if we can’t groom kids, there’s no point in having the parade.


I have to tap the sign again.

I know, some of you are free speech “absolutists” and think that these parades should be protected as a form of free expression.

But, just so it’s clear to everyone, pride parades should have been shut down years ago, from the start, under indecent exposure laws.

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