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Making LGBTQ’ers Proud: 29 Yr. Old Biological Man Beats Out 13 Yr. Old Girl In ‘Women’s’ Skateboarding Event

Another example of a transgender man winning a women’s competition as a result of a ‘biological’ unfair advantage

Ricci Tres [L] and Shiloh Catori [R]

(Reduxx) Netizens are expressing outrage after an adult man beat out a 13-year-old girl for first place in a women’s skateboarding competition held today in New York.

Ricci Tres, also known as Ricci And Tres, took top spot in the women’s division of The Boardr Open today held in New York City, taking home a $500 prize for a first place win.


Tres, a 29-year-old trans-identified male, came in first place against 13-year-old Shiloh Catori. Of the 6 competitors, 4 were under the age of 17, with the youngest being 10-year-old Juri Iikura.


In 2021, Tres became the first trans-identified male to attempt to quality for Olympic Women’s skateboarding, submitting a virtual run for the USA National Skateboarding Championships. Tres was unable to meet the short deadline to submit a hormone levels test, but was later told his testosterone was “much higher” than the required levels to compete in the female category.

Around this time, Tres was interviewed by Robert Brink of USA Skateboardingand revealed he was over 190 units off of the required testosterone reduction needed to be able to qualify in the female category by International Olympic Committee Standards. During the interview, Tres expressed ambivalence towards reducing his testosterone levels, and even stated he was comfortable “where [he] was at” in his transition.


Tres’ win was put on blast by Taylor Silverman, a female skateboarder who previously came into the spotlight after she spoke out about her experiences competing against trans-identified males.


This comes just weeks after Silverman, a professional skateboarder, posted a statement to her Instagram in which she called out the Redbull Cornerstone skate event she took part in for allowing a biological male athlete to compete against women, and take the top spot.

In her statement, Silverman wrote that she placed second in two previous competitions in which biological males were allowed to compete against female skateboarders, and noted that at the last Redbull-sponsored skate event, the female athletes lost out on financial awards because a transgender competitor took first place.



Silverman’s Instagram post had initially been inundated with hateful comments from trans activists, but she has since become even more vocal about her disagreement with males participating in female sport. On Twitter, Silverman has found a significant following of feminists and individuals critical of gender ideology who appreciate her pro-woman advocacy.

After Silverman announced the outcome of The Boardr event, netizens immediately expressed outrage at the results.

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