MSNBC’s Joy Reid Mixes Hate With False Claims, Attacks Sen. Josh Hawley For Accurate Quote Of Ibram X. Kendi

Joy Reid’s ratings are at an all-time low and this is why no one is watching

Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images Ms. Foundation for Women


Eager to deny accurate claims that Ibram X. Kendi endorsed “racial discrimination,” MSNBC’s Joy Reid falsely told her viewers that a Republican U.S. senator who cited Kendi word-for-word was “misquoting” Kendi’s book. She also denied that Kendi’s controversial writings have anything to do with Critical Race Theory and implied that conservatives want black farmers removed from all arable farmland in the United States.

And despite claiming to “school” conservative think tank scholar Christopher Rufo about CRT, Reid blundered the name one of the bestselling books Rufo cited in their discussion.

Reid interviewed Kendi on Monday night’s episode of “The ReidOut,” where she invited the author to respond to a clip of Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO):

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