Nashville Shooting: Leftists More Worried About Preferred Pronouns, Complain That Transgender Shooter Is Being ‘Misgendered’

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(Summit News) Some leftists reacted to the horrific killing of children at a Christian school in Nashville by a transgender-identified culprit by complaining that the killer was being misgendered.

Yes, really.

28-year-old Audrey Hale murdered three children and three adults at The Covenant School, a private Presbyterian school, in what appears to be a hate-motivated attack.


As we highlighted earlier, the media’s initial reaction was to express “confusion” about whether they should refer to the culprit as a man or a woman, given that Hale had been identifying as a man in recent months.

Some trans activists on Twitter appeared to be more upset over the mass murderer being misgendered than the actual shooting.

“5 times @cnn misgendered. No correction, whined Karen Lopez. “A mass shooting is horrible. Misgendering does not make anything better.”

“It seems like maybe there’s plenty of confusion about whether or not the shooter is a transgender man or woman,” she added. “And finding out that the police there don’t know how to use the right words does not shock me. But mixing genders in the same story is still a problem.”

The reaction to her bizarre remarks was swift.

A statement issued by the Transgender Resistance Network demanded the media “respect the self-identified pronouns” of the mass murderer.

Another trans activist was also upset that the child killer’s pronouns weren’t respected.

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