One Hell Of An Excuse: Dr. Fauci Has Strange Answer As To Why He Was Prancing Around A Party Maskless Without Any Concerns

Dr. ‘flip-flop’ as many call him is also a hypocrite after pushing masks at every opportunity

Susan Walsh/Pool via REUTERS


White House health adviser Anthony Fauci was seen at an elite book party regularly taking his mask on and off, confusing many attendees. An author says Fauci explained to her why he chose to wear it around some and not others.

Appearing at a book launch party for journalist Jonathan Karl this week at Cafe Milano in Washington DC, Fauci gained the attention of onlookers, according to Politico, by repeatedly putting on and taking off his mask as he talked to numerous people. This also happened as “gawkers” attempted to get a picture of the unmasked infectious disease expert.

Sally Quinn, an author who used Fauci as the inspiration for a character in an erotic work of fiction, eventually approached the doctor and asked about his “ambivalence” towards mask-wearing at the event.

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