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Oregon School Board Voted To Ban Political Ideology From Classrooms, Yet Left-Wing Administrators And Teachers Are Ignoring It

Progressive school board employees insist on teaching their racist hate to young children

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After politics in the classroom got out of hand in one center-right Oregon town – with some students even allegedly forced to pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag – the school board sought to return to the basics by declaring that school should be politically neutral. But administrators and educators simply declined to enforce the policy, while progressive activists tried to destroy the board members’ lives, a Daily Wire investigation has found.

Last year, four Newberg Public Schools (NPS) board members drew a line in the sand against what they viewed as indoctrination.


After years of schools proudly flying the “progressive flag,” a version of the gay pride flag with shades of black and brown to communicate minority oppression, as well as Black Lives Matter (BLM) flags, the members voted in August 2021 to ban “political” flags, signs, and clothing.

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