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Rare Monkeypox Has Arrived In Europe Just As Bill Gates And WHO Predicted, And Vaccines Are ‘Miraculously’ Ready

Gates should be tried and jailed for murder and crimes against humanity for his research, funding and profiteering of pandemic vaccines


A new revised World Health Organization agreement aims to give Bill Gates and Gavi de facto pandemic and surveillance governing power over all 198 member states in the next pandemic.

The extremely rare monkeypox virus is rising in Europe, reports Nine for News. Dozens of cases have been reported in Spain and Portugal, and the number of infections in Britain has increased to seven. The first case has also been reported in the United States and Sweden.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expressed concern Tuesday about an unusual outbreak of Monkeypox in the U.K., suggesting there appears to be some undetected transmission of the virus there and warning of the possibility that the outbreak could spread beyond the U.K. borders.

Virologist Marion Koopmans “is beginning to worry” about the outbreaks. “We have occasionally seen imported cases in the past, but normally they didn’t spread further,” she said. “However, new cases have now been discovered in several countries. That is very unusual.”

Monkeypox Vaccine Is Ready

The World Health Organization (WHO) calls monkeypox ‘an emerging infectious disease.’ However, virologist Marc Van Ranst, who has “been concerned for years” about the virus, points out that the company Bavarian Nordic has a vaccine against both smallpox and Monkeypox that was recently approved by the American drug authority FDA.

The FDA approved the vaccine in September 2019, just before corona. The U.S. government has purchased 13 million of these vaccines. Publicist and lawyer Sietske Bergsma responds: “Monkeypox in the newspaper in the morning, a vaccine in the afternoon. Love science!”

Then there is another remarkable thing. G7 health ministers will soon be training in Germany on a ‘dangerous’ virus outbreak. This time the smallpox virus, the older brother of Monkeypox. “But luckily, the FDA is already ready to save us with a vaccine against smallpox,” writes emeritus professor Wouter Keller.

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