Revealed!! CDC Tried To Cover For False Claims While Tracking Tweets By Member Of Congress

The CDC has turned into the FBI, a sinister organization that can’t be trusted



Internal documents at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) ignited quite the firestorm when he contacted the agency to point out serious Covid vaccine disinformation that their top officials and vaccine scientists had signed off on.

I reported on the story last year after Massie produced audio recordings of CDC officials and scientists admitting the error to him, yet continued to publicly make the false claim: that original studies proved Covid vaccines helped people who’d already had Covid. They didn’t.


Watch the story and listen to the CDC audio recordings here.

Recently, emails obtained through a Freedom of Information request show more than a thousand pages of emails mentioning Massie and his concerns swirled around at CDC.

What did they say? Well, much of the time we don’t know because that’s hidden behind big, blue redactions.

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