Scary Situation: Is CVS About To Violate Your Medical Privacy In Partnership With Microsoft, Bill Gates?

Gates is a huge vaccine proponent and having access to vaccine-related data would be a scary thought for millions of Americans

Credit: NewsTarget


CVS Health is partnering with Microsoft to develop a “data-driven, personalized, privacy-compliant customer experience,” which sounds a whole lot like Bill Gates getting his grubby, blood-stained hands into patients’ vaccine records.

According to reports, Microsoft Azure will help CVS “enhance its omnichannel pharmacy capabilities and deliver customized, omnichannel health recommendations,” which is likely only possible if patients’ medical histories are laid bare for Microsoft, and possibly Gates, to view and analyze.


Using advanced machine learning (ML) technology models run on Microsoft’s cloud computing service, CVS will be able to leverage the results to automate more healthcare-related tasks, the company says.


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