Scary Stuff!! Researches Testing Ways To Make The COVID Shot INEVITABLE By Putting It In Food Supply


t’s clear that, like a medical mafia, the government wants to make the offer of COVID-19 “vaccines” an offer you can’t refuse. We’ve already seen thousands of Americans lose their jobs over “vaccine” mandates, an FDA employee caught on video recommending COVID-19 shots be administered involuntarily via blow darts, and Joe Biden et al. trying to turn the unvaccinated into today’s lepers.

Of course, you likely will want to avoid this overt coercion. But not in a way some fear could become reality: self-disseminating vaccines released into nature.


Writing at American Thinker yesterday, Jarrad Winter warns of this as a “really scary story to tell in the dark for the rest of Halloween month,” citing a Nature paper by researchers Scott L. Nuismer and James J. Bull about suppressing zoonoses. “Zoonoses” are pathogens that spread between animals and people.

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