The Fix? 56 Voting Machines In New Jersey Governors Race Shut Down, Shipped To Warehouse On Election Night In Dem Stronghold County

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy (D) and GOP candidate for NJ Governor Jack Ciattarelli


After the polls closed in New Jersey on Tuesday evening, stunned political pundits watched GOP candidate Jack Ciattarelli take the lead in the governor’s race against the incumbent Democrat Governor Phil Murphy.

Then, on Wednesday morning, after Americans watched coverage of the election showing Ciattarelli flipping traditionally blue counties to red and picking up significantly more votes in red counties than in previous elections, something curious happened—with almost 100% of red counties reporting their votes, election results from Democrat stronghold counties began to trickle in, and Murphy began to take a negligible lead.

As the day wore on, more blue counties reported their results, and like magic, Murphy got just enough votes to be declared the winner.

We’ve all seen this movie before…

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