The LGBTQ Cult: Disney Funded ‘GLSEN’ Working Harder Than Ever To Influence Policy Makers To Help Groom And Indoctrinate Your Children

Target was another company helping to fund the effort of using a LGBTQ survey to push radical student indoctrination

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(PM.) On Tuesday, GLSEN posted to Twitter a request for LGBTQ families to take a survey regarding schools and “help us inform policymakers about what’s really going on in our nation’s schools.”

The survey is a joint effort between GLSEN, Family Equality, and COLAGE, all of which are organizations centered around LGBTQ students and families in the country. GLSEN is funded by Disney and Target, among others.


On GLSEN’s website, they request that parents, caregivers, and youth with at least one LGBTQ parent or caregiver participate in their “LGBTQ+ Families and Schools Study.”




“The LGBTQ+ Families and Schools Study will be an important tool for fighting anti-LGBTQ+ bias in K-12 schools across the nation,” GLSEN explained.


“The information gathered from this survey will help GLSEN, Family Equality, and COLAGE to inform education policymakers and the public about the right of all students to be treated with respect in their schools.”

GLSEN gives two different options for surveys, one for students, and one for parents and caretakers.

The student survey requests that middle or high school students over the age of 13, and who have at least one LGBTQ parent or caretaker, “tell us about your experiences in school.”

Parents of children at all grade levels and identify as LGBTQ are requested to “tell us about your experiences with your child’s or children’s school.”

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