The Made Up List: In The Messed-Up World Of Trangenderism, We’ve Defined The Most Ridiculous Of San Francisco’s 130 Gender Options

You’d need to be a rocket scientist to understand all of the gender meanings

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(Daily Caller) There are more than 130 gender, sexual orientation and pronoun options listed on the San Francisco’s Guaranteed Income For Transgender People (GIFT) program application.

Under the GIFT program, 55 San Francisco residents who earn less than $600 monthly and identify as one of the many genders listed will receive $1,200 per month. Aside from woman and man, some of the genders eligible for the money include “genderfuck,” “boi,” “sistergirls” and “butch.” (RELATED: TransTape, Chest Binders And Packers: The ‘Gender-Affirming’ Gear Public Schools Are Stocking Up On)


“The lengthy list of possible ‘gender identity’ and sexual orientation labels is an apparent attempt to be ‘inclusive,’” Mary Hasson, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, which focuses on promoting the Catholic vision while responding to the challenges of gender ideology, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “But it really exposes the meaninglessness of these labels – and of the concept of ‘gender identity’ itself. ‘Gender identity’ means nothing more than one’s ‘perception of self’ or identity feelings – it can be fluid, and can change at any time. Because ‘gender identity’ is a self-defined identity label, the list is actually under-inclusive – there’s an infinite list of possible labels, because each person can self-describe in novel terms, and invent their own meaning for the chosen label.”

Listed on the GIFT application as a gender identity, “genderfuck” is also considered a gender expression term, according to the University of Rhode Island Gender and Sexuality Center. “Genderfuck” is defined as an “expression that is intentionally fluid” and gives “no clear designation in terms of perceived gender.”

The gender identity “sistergirl” coincides with “brotherboy,” two terms used by indigenous Australians to describe transgender individuals, the TransHub, a resource platform for the transgender community, stated. “Sistergirl” is defined as a “gender diverse people that have a female spirit and take on female roles within the community” and “brotherboy” is defined as a “gender diverse people that have a male spirit and take on male roles within the community.”

The term “boi” is for queer people of color usually describing “queer women who present with masculinity,” according to the Trans Student Educational Resources, a youth run organization focused on educating the transgender community. “Butch” is an identity related to masculinity, and while it is “a distinct gender identity and/or expression” the term “does not necessarily imply that one also identifies as a woman or not.”

Applicants for GIFT can also identify as “graygender,” a person who feels as if they have a gender, but are “only mildly interested in expressing it,” the Women’s Media Center reported.

“This pronoun insanity is out of control,” Jaimee Michell, the founder of Gays Against Groomers, told the DCNF. “What’s most disturbing about it is the increasing trend of asking children what theirs are. Adults can barely make sense of this nonsense, let alone children. It’s confusing and not based in reality. There are only 2 genders — male and female.”


Other options include “FtX” which describes a person who is “assigned as a female at birth and identifies as nonbinary” and “MtX” which is a “person assigned as a male at birth and identifies as nonbinary,” according to PFLAG, a group focused on supporting LGBTQ people and their families.

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