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The Screws Are Tightening On The Biden’s Criminal Activities, Prosecutors Have Begun Seeking Grand Jury Testimony

The likelihood that Biden is president by years end looks less and less likely as his own party may force him out

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The federal government’s criminal investigation into Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is reportedly gaining steam. As prosecutors begin seeking key grand jury testimony, new information appears to indicate the president himself may be linked to his son’s scheme.


In 2018, the Department of Justice launched a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden that centered on potential money laundering, tax fraud, the violation of foreign lobbying laws and more.

At the center of the investigation was whether Hunter used his father’s position in the U.S. government over the last decade to secure millions of dollars in fraudulent overseas business deals. Evidence appears to show Hunter flaunted access to his father as a means of securing meetings and permits.

Now, the growing question for investigators and the general public is whether President Biden himself was in on this, or at the very least, aware of it.


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