This Ridiculous Study Claims White People Driving Cars Are Killing ‘People Of Color’

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It’s Science™, people – I have the study right here – from the University of Southern California, no less. You thought David’s post about a flag painted in the road was outrageous?


Read and weep the study abstract, racist motorists.

You wanna know what I think? I think a couple of graduate students are angling for a new gig because they heard there’d be an equity opening for Anti-Racist Road Czar.

Laugh now, Pete…

Pete Buttigieg
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…they’re coming for you.

When earnest reporters at the LA Times got ahold of the study, they couldn’t wait to dissect the possible racism contained within. Make the scientific argle-bargle accessible to your everyday white drivers (aka “THE BAD GUYS”) so they would be educated on their transgressions, feel miserable about themselves, self-flagellate, and change their habits of perpetual vehicular oppression.

Gosh. That lad certainly has all the SJW codewords down.

In another column, a second LA Times type waxes on about his drives, how he tries not to drive, and how guilty he should feel every time he drives.

Gosh. This sounds terrible – horrible white people in cars, driving, driving, driving…

…until the BS meter goes off and someone finds [cue: dum dumdum DUM] A PIE CHART.

About those numbers and the guilt trips, dudes…

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