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Top Doctor Says COVID Vaccines Are A Biological Catastrophe Waiting To Happen

Credit: WND


Warning that the world is “in the middle of a major biological catastrophe,” renowned physician and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough charged in a recent address that fraudulent public health officials are pushing experimental “gene-transfer” COVID-19 vaccines that produce the “loaded weapon” of a toxic spike protein.

“I think the reason why everybody’s here is we have a sense that something very bad is going on in the world. And I’m here to tell you, I think it is,” he said Sept. 24 in a keynote address at the annual fundraiser of the non-profit Michigan for Vaccine Choice, LifeSiteNews reported.

“If you feel tension right now and you feel some emotional distress, and if you feel as if things aren’t going right … I think your perceptions are correct,” McCullough said.

“And if your perceptions are correct, now’s the time for action.”

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