Twitter Protecting Potential Child Molesters, Boots Woman Who Posted Video Of Transgender Man Exposing Himself To Children At LA’s Wi Spa

Credit: Reclaim The Net


A Twitter user (@neeRodriguez) who posted a video recounting her January 2020 experience of a naked “person with a penis and a beard” getting into a hot tub with her six-year-old daughter at Wi Spa in Los Angeles has been booted from the platform.

In the video, @neeRodriguez described how she took her daughter on a spa day on January 7, 2020.

“It’s a Korean spa, so everyone’s naked,” she said. “I wanted to be, kind of, culturally with it, so we also were nude in the women’s side of the spa.”

@neeRodriguez went on to discuss how she and her daughter got into the hot tub with other women and were having a great time but then a person “with a penis and a beard came over with two girlfriends.”

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