Investigation: Voting Systems In U.S. Have The Ability To Create Ballots And Fill Them Out – Why Are They Allowed?

This functionality gives workers easy access to commit voter fraud

Credit: Gateway Pundit


This week auditors in New Mexico uncovered a number of material issues in their work to date.  One item that we learned is that the voting system is able to fill out ballots.  Combined with what we knew some time ago, this is devastating.

This past week auditors in New Mexico identified that the voting systems used in the counties under review have the ability to fill in ballots.  This was noted in the presentation before officials in Otero County, New Mexico.  We then learned earlier today that a prior New York state investigation identified malicious code that could do this.


In addition to this breaking news, TGP identified other system issues within the voting systems.  According to the Dominion website, its election system has the ability to print ballots.

The feature is explained in the Dominion Voting Systems manual on page 30:

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