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Video: Black Supremacy? Black Man In New York Makes The Case After Spewing Racist Hate At Asian Police Officer

Attacks on Asians by blacks has been happening at an alarming rate

Credit: The Post Millennial


As the NYPD took action to close New York’s Washington Square Park for a 10 pm curfew over the weekend, a black man hurled racial insults at an Asian officer.

“You’re not even from this country. Piece of sh*t,” the man said to the officer. The officer did not respond to the insults.

“F*ckin’ ch*nk, f*ckin’ ch*nk, f*ckin’ ch*nk. He’s a f*ckin’ ch*nk. Get the f*ck outa here, ch*nk, get the f*ck outa here,” the man said.

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