Video: Pediatrics Organization Exec. Admits That Children Given Trans Hormones Will ‘Probably Be Infertile’

Dr. Kathryn Lowe of the American Academy of Pediatrics made the admission in a video clip that went viral


(LifeSiteNews) Recently circulated videos of a 2022 meeting of the Wisconsin chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) show an executive of the national organization stating that children who receive puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones “probably will be infertile.” 

In a clip of a virtual meeting, which was posted on Twitter yesterday by Libs of TikTok, Dr. Kathryn Lowe addressed “infertility concerns” related to so-called transgender hormone use. 


“The big thing is, here, the infertility concerns with starting gender affirming hormone therapy,” Lowe said in the video. “For kids who go on a blocker at tanner stage two, and then they add in gender affirming hormone therapy—there isn’t a lot of research about this out there—but what we do know is these kids probably will be infertile.” 

Lowe is a board-certified pediatrician and member of the executive committee of the AAP Section on LGBT Health and Wellness, according to the AAP website. 


“It’s really crucial to have multiple conversations with the family about that [infertility risks] and to talk about options around that, to talk about different ways people can have kids aside from biological kids,” she said.

Lowe also mentions that “there’s some early research being done on sperm and egg banking prior to going on gender affirming [sic] hormone therapy,” discussing the practice as a potential way for those sterilized as children to “have kids.”

When discussing the high risk of infertility as a result of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, the executive called it “one of the trickiest parts about gender affirming [sic] therapy.” 

Another video segment of the same meeting shows Lowe responding to the question, “How do we as pediatricians address anti-forces within the community who are not susceptible to education persuasion?” 

“I pick what groups I’m going to put my energy towards,” was Lowe’s response. “I found allies in the public school and I went through them … a school psychologist was huge, and I let her slowly connect me up to the superintendent, but I went through her.” She added that she “believe[s] every community has allies” and encouraged those on the call with her to “find them and start there.” 


“I can’t really give you any accurate data out there,” Lowe says in a third video, responding to a question regarding “people who transition and their enjoyment of sex.” She continued to say that “adults may often think that a child is too young to be able to decide ‘I want to do these medicines and I understand that I will be infertile.’ For these kids on that topic, though, the alternative is not gonna let them live,” falsely suggesting that experimental transgender interventions prevent suicide. 

“For many of these kids who really need these medications, it’s go on these medications or they end up in that suicide stat … so I’m guessing that it would be the same when talking about sexual function, as well.”

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