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Video: Project Veritas Releases Footage Of Raid On Journalists Home In Search Of Ashley Biden’s Diary

AG Merrick Garland was behind the raid despite promising to respect freedom of the press


Project Veritas released footage on Tuesday of an FBI raid on the home of a Veritas journalist that occurred in November 2021. This raid was after Project Veritas had obtained a diary allegedly belonging to Joe and Jill Biden’s daughter Ashley, which Veritas turned over to law enforcement and did not publish.

The footage shows the moments when several agents banged on the door yelling for the journalist to “Open up!” Once the door was opened, several FBI agents shouted “Let me see your hands!”

Agents carrying weapons searched the journalist’s home, rummaging through the closets, bedroom and the kitchen.

The journalist can be heard multiple times on the footage, most audibly exclaiming “my hands are up,” as agents enter the home.

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